The vision of Savage Bears NFT is to create a secure, fair, and transparent environment free from any kind of manipulation on the Cardano and Doginals. This environment is designed to provide investors with broad opportunities and to encourage the growth of a strong, proud, and united community that can stand behind and support the project with confidence. The goal is to create a space where individuals can invest with peace of mind and trust in the integrity of the project. By doing so, we hope to develop an evolving and supportive community that will be the cornerstone of the success and growth of Savage Bears NFT.


  • Launching the Savage Bears NFT project on different networks and enabling investors to have ownership in one project across multiple networks.

  • Being a bridging project that unites NFT collections across different networks.

  • To provide high returns to the members of the Savage Bears community, by offering opportunities for investment that are expected to generate significant financial rewards.

  • To launch the Savage Bears Gold Pass, which will serve as a means of identifying and rewarding the most dedicated and supportive members of the community.

  • To introduce investors to NFT projects that are highly reputable and transparent, and that are free from any form of manipulation or unethical practices.

  • To launch the DAO that will bring the Savage Bears community together, by providing a platform for members to collaborate and exchange ideas and information.

  • To build the most qualified, reliable and highly respected DAO in the NFT community, by consistently delivering on its promises and creating an environment that is safe and secure for all members.

  • To ensure that all members have a voice in the decision-making process and to create an inclusive and supportive environment that embraces everyone and maintains continuity in the DAO.

  • To bring together the most beneficial projects in the marketplace for Alphas, by actively seeking out and partnering with organizations that share our values and goals.

  • To launch Steaking, which will provide members with additional opportunities to grow their investments, and to support the development and growth of the SVGB project.

  • To bring the SVGB brand to life, by promoting the project and its goals, and by creating a strong and positive image that represents the spirit and character of the Savage Bears community.

  • To launch the SVGB V2, V3 and future versions of the project, which will continuously evolve and improve over time, in order to remain relevant and successful in the ever-changing world of NFTs.

In addition to these goals, the Savage Bears project is committed to promoting transparency, integrity and ethical practices, and to creating a community that is inclusive and supportive to all members.

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