Advantages And Privileges To Be Obtained By Holders Of The Savage Bears Gold Pass


  • Free mint rights from the Savage Bears Cardano collection.

  • Lifetime free mint and whitelist rights for all Savage Bears collections.

  • Early access to Discord.

  • Exclusive role in Discord.

  • Alpha chat access exclusive to Savage Bears Gold Pass holders.

  • Access to whitelist from collaborative projects.

  • 2x chance of winning in daily, weekly, and monthly giveaways.

  • Exclusive participation in drawings and events for Gold Pass holders.

  • Airdrop advantage.

  • Commission revenues are distributed based on the number of Gold Passes.

  • Commission from the Savage Bears collection is distributed based on the number of Gold Pass.

  • Token airdrop rights.

  • Earning rights from design products of the SVGB collection.

  • Savage Bears is a Multi-Chain project that offers unique opportunities for our community existing in the Cardano ecosystem. We will grow by connecting with many other networks and provide benefits to you.

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