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"Years ago, the Savage Bears were banished from the world due to the Savage uprising they sparked. Since then, they've been waiting for the chance to return to the real world they've always dreamed of. During their exile, they suppressed their inner savagery and re-birthed themselves as emotional and fun-loving creatures.
Finally, the doors to their desired world opened, and the Savage Bears returned. They established a city for themselves. However, some members still struggled to adapt to the world's order and couldn't control their inner savagery. The leader of this group was Joker, who used to be the most fun and emotional bear in the pack, but he couldn't forget the hardships he faced during their exile. His mind was still haunted by the family he lost in the Savage uprising. His trauma caused his savagery to resurface with each passing day. The other bears realized this and kicked Joker out of the pack to avoid being banished again. But, what they didn't know was that there were other members undergoing the same transformation within the pack. In his solitude, Joker thought deeply and completed his transformation. He couldn't stand living in this injustice. The losers wouldn't be the bears this time. They would reach the free and fair world they wanted. Joker planned everything with the support of the bears who followed him. And the day of the uprising arrived.
The "Kill the Rich" uprising was to take place tonight. The bears began to destroy the entire city by setting it on fire. Seeing this, the other bears couldn't control their savagery and anger. Slowly, the fully transformed bears joined the uprising. In the end, they emerged victorious. Everyone realized the injustice and stood by their side. Now, the Savage Bears were looking forward to a new life in a new world. Everyone accepted the Savage Bears. They weren't really bad bears, just emotional and fun-loving creatures who sometimes couldn't control their inner desires. The Savage Bears were still wild, but they controlled their savagery to live in harmony. What happened to Joker remains unknown. No one saw him after the uprising."